Biotherapeutic Drainage And Unda Numbers

Biotherapeutic Drainage  began in France in the early 1900's with the work of Dr. Anthione Nebel. It was further codified into a system Georege Discri and Dr. Louis Reuter in the 1920's and 30's. The approach involves a process of detoxifying the body through opening the emunctories (organs of elimination) and excreting toxic accumulations. It differs from  “detoxing” in that it works intra-cellularly as well as extra-cellularly, thereby restoring optimal cellular function. UNDA numbers, the primary remedies used in the process, not only remove toxins from the inside of cells as well as the inter-cellular spaces, but they also restore enzymatic and biochemical pathways to their optimal functioning, so as to increase physiologic function into the future.

Unda Remedies

Unda Remedies

The theory behind the remedies used, namely the Unda numbers, is founded in Anthroposophy, Chinese Medicine, and homeopathy. In short, it is the use of plant and mineral based preparations to increase the excretory function of the cells, tissues, and organs in your body. This is a very elegant and deep acting way to rebalance, heal, and restore the body. The remedies are homeopathic preparations in that they contain minute amounts of the actual plant or mineral used, if any at all. The mineral aspect of the remedy is present to aid in the biochemical reactions our bodies employ for detoxification, and the plant aspect leads the mineral to the intended tissue or organ system. The formulas we use are sometimes labeled with a number, the name of a mineral, or in accordance with a particular organ they are designed to support. The remedies are safe, non-toxic, will not interfere with other medications, and have a gentle yet deep acting effect.

For a more thorough explanation please read my colleague's eloquent description: Dr. Angela Lambert on Biotherapeutic Drainage.  

Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other school or system of medicine.
— Dr. Charles Menninger