"Dr. Jeannie, working with you is a great gift. You're a miracle of a doctor who can help me with every aspect of my being. You are a bridge between three worlds. You encompass the wholeness of  your patients. You are unique, and a blessing to those of us fortunate enough to have found you. I wish you had your own school! The world needs more doctors like you."

-T.K. 61 yr old female


“Dr. Achuff has been a revolution in my own journey to health and wholeness. Her dedication, knowledge, intuition, and engagement with me as a patient have restored my faith in healthcare. It is rare to find someone with such a gift.”  

-EWM, 29 yr old male

“A few years ago Dr. Jeannie's attentive care got me through a health crisis. Her perceptive mind always was asking "what's really going on here?" I felt that she really paid attention to my whole self. I always looked forward to my appointments with Dr. Jeannie. I felt I was in good hands.”

-LR, 41 yr old female

“I was referred to Dr. Achuff from someone I met in the wellness industry. He raved about her, so I made an appointment. Now I can rave about her too! Under Dr. Jeannie's care I have truly felt healthier, happier and much more prepared in my family planning efforts. She is very compassionate, grounded, calm and present during our appointments, which always puts my mind and body at ease. I know she genuinely cares about my best health and I look forward to seeing her.”

-EM 38 yr old female

“Dr. Achuff is genuine, honest and smart with her medicine. She really listens and is willing to work through difficult and complicated situations with me.

-AKC 32 yr old female

"I came to Dr. Achuff because of a persistent virus that was affecting my ability to enjoy my life. Prescription medication wasn't working anymore. She listened to me deeply (I'd never felt like a doctor REALLY listened to me before) and came up with a treatment plan that supported my whole system. She constantly adjusted the treatment throughout our work together, balancing it based on careful attention to every part of my life (moods, sleep, menstruation, appetite, etc.). I loved that she was very confident about her skills but she wasn't attached to one specific vision of how things had to go. Over time, she gently led me to a revelation about a psychological block that was preventing me from healing physically, and it was amazing how quickly things got better after that. It was very difficult, since we had togo to the root of the issue both physiologically and emotionally instead of just attacking it at the surface, but it was so worth it. I have not had a recurrence of the virus for almost a year now, and I feel like I'm in control of my health again!"   

- C.G. 31 yo Female

"I am deeply grateful for Dr. Achuff's compassionate care. Above all she listens well, and has a huge array of support options ranging from dietary changes and supplements, to homeopathic remedies and healing meditations. She also looks very carefully at lab results - much more so than I've experienced before. My MD's only solution to colitis was permanent drug therapy, complete with unacceptable side effects. Dr. Achuff helped me turn it around in a short time. She helped me to heal myself."

- C.M. 39 yo male

Dr. Achuff treated me for almost a year and a half and made a tremendous difference in my life. I first came to her because of a Graves diagnosis as well as having previously been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.  I was looking for relief from my thyroid symptoms and alternatives to harsh thyroid procedures and drugs.

She provided me with support and encouragement along with precise remedies which gradually helped me heal and live a more normal day-to-day life. Through her I've overcome many of the emotional and physical obstacles of living with thyroid disease. In addition to feeling physically better, I was empowered by the knowledge that I had the ability to actively participate in my own healing process.

She is a talented and gifted physician.  I’m extremely grateful for the care I have received from her.

-PB 60 yr old female

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.
— Hippocrates