My Return To Victoria: Women's Pelvic Floor Health

I am thrilled to be returning to Sage Clinic in Victoria after practicing and studying in California for the past few years! I am bringing with me two new therapies that I believe can not only transform the lives of individual women, but will contribute to the overall shift in consciousness and healing that we all are feeling emerging right now. We are returning to the feminine on a global level, but we, as women, have been measured against a masculine scale of what is "good" and acceptable on so many levels. Women have internalized this message to such a degree that our reproductive systems are dysfunctional in many ways. Our menses are out of sync, they bring us pain and discomfort, they exhaust us, and many women believe they impinge us from being able to compete in the masculine rat-race (ie birth control pills taken almost constantly to minimize cycling to 4 times a year, or less!). Did you know that a normal, healthy menstrual cycle from a well aligned uterus should start with no PMS symptoms, and should be about 3-5 days in duration, with no more than 2-3 hours of mild cramping, producing bright red blood with no clots? Next, of course, our ability to conceive and birth children naturally has been deeply impacted, and therefore so is our capacity to really show up in our feminine as we raise our children.

While our minds and hearts are engaging these shifts in the world on a philosophical level, our tissues continue to hold onto not only our personal histories, but the lineage from which we come, and even the global consciousness around what is feminine. For thousands of years, women have not felt safe to be fully in their power, fully in their feminine. Amazingly, we are starting to see this turn in our very own lifetimes!

The work I am bringing to my practice in Victoria can have as many layers to it as a woman desires. As a licensed Naturopathic Physician, I work with homeopathic medicine and herbal formulas, nutrition and the basic building blocks of material health. I also work in the energetic/ emotional/ spiritual layer in helping women to release all that they hold and move into power, passion, creativity, and more! I see people for the body work who already have an ND, which is great and works out well. In my practice, these two therapies can be stand alone therapies, or you can receive both treatments over the course of time, as they are deeply complimentary. You can also add in ND care from me, if you so desire.

The first therapy is called the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. It is a massage technique that helps to re-align the uterus and the digestive organs, and also relieves congestion of blood and lymph throughout the abdomen and pelvis. Did you know that varicose veins in your rectum, vaginal tissue, thighs and even down into your legs can be caused by congestion in the pelvis? I typically recommend 3 treatments in the office, done about 3-4 weeks apart. At the time of treatment women are given the tools to deepen the work at home through a self-care massage practice. **(A uterus can become mis-aligned from pregnancy, difficult childbirth, carrying heavy loads around menses, high heeled shoes, running and dancing with high impact, injury to sacrum/ tailbone, chronic constipation, surgeries, motor vehicle accidents... the list goes on....)

The second piece I am bringing back with me is called Holistic Pelvic Care. I trained with a woman name Tami Kent, who wrote the book Wild Feminine. If you have not read it, I highly recommend it! HPC is an internal process of releasing myofascial blockages (and therefore energy and emotions) from the pelvic bowl. Because of the nature of the pelvic bowl (and the organs it supports), women also report changes in back, hip and knee pain after this type of work. HPC is similar to what a physiotherapist does to help a woman rehabilitate her pelvic floor, however, I bring to it a deeper attention to the emotional/ spiritual/ energetic healing aspect of the work. Women hold so much of our story in our pelvic floor. When we start to work with those tissues and bring our awareness into this largely overlooked part of our bodies, massive amounts of energy start to move! Typically, women have at least 3 session, and sometimes as many as 9 sessions, spaced as close together or as far apart as you feel comfortable with.

Both therapies are great for menstrual complaints, organ prolapse, reproductive concerns/ fertility, increasing libido and creativity, and many, many other concerns or complaints.

You can read more about each one here:
Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC)
Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT)

Thanks for reading a bit about my work. I am so excited to be back, and to bring these therapies into the community, along with my ND work. Please let me know if you have questions or want to book an appointment!

In Health,