Lyme Disease

I treat Lyme disease and all other "strange" conditions that may or may not be Lyme disease.  A lot of patients come to see me after a round of visits to specialists and other providers who say "you don't have Lyme, and you may or may not have an infection, but we can't say what exactly is wrong with you." Some folks figure out they have Erlichiosis or Babesia, and sometimes that is helpful. At the end of the day I treat it all, regardless of the diagnosis. I treat people who want to use antibiotics, those who have tried antibiotics and still don't feel well, and those who want to avoid antibiotics altogether. At the end of the day your body wants to heal and it doesn't care what the name of the illness is- it will heal with the proper supports and medications.

Here is a great informational piece by a colleague of mine. She is so clear and has such great information, I decided not to reinvent the wheel! Here is her post on Lyme: