Naturopathic Medicine. What?

Naturopathic Medicine weaves together the art and science of medicine.

If you live on the western side of North America you have likely heard of Naturopathic Medicine. If you are one of my friends or relations you have probably heard of Naturopathic Medicine. If you have had a leaning toward anything non-conventional, you have probably heard of Naturopathic Medicine. And if you have had a stubborn health issue, perhaps you have come across this field of healthcare. It is likely, however, that regardless of your encounters with Naturopathic Medicine you might still be a bit unsure about its origins, its presence as a healing art in this country, or even what the heck it really is. I am here to help you understand a bit more about my profession.

The Flu

“Should I get a flu shot?”   “The flu is really bad this year”

“I am afraid of getting sick- what should I do?”

People are initiating conversations like this with me a lot these days. The media has done an excellent job of making us think our only protection from serious illness is a vaccination. I wondered out loud to my physician father “What would our country look like if we put as much effort and media coverage into the prevention of gun-inflicted injuries and death as we do into the flu?” He chuckled, as he raised his eyebrows. He worked for 35+ years at Johns Hopkins Hospital, which sees more than its fair share of gunshot wounds. Quietly, without saying much, I know he has “seen it all.” And he doesn’t seem fazed by this year’s flu any more so than any other threat to our national health. The wisdom of our elder healthcare providers is certainly one to call upon as, with each passing year, the press would like to have us think that this year’s flu is the worst to date. I would argue that it is not, but that we now have an industry that stands to profit from the fear. 

The Dirty Little Secret About Cholesterol

In the last year or so there has been a niggly little voice in my head telling me to write or speak about cholesterol.

I love my fats, you see. It must be my Norwegian ancestry. My husband scoffs at the amount of butter I use and how much I embrace all things creamy. When we first met he insisted I would die of heart disease because of how seemingly unhealthy some of my habits were. I challenged him on it and he is finally coming around to realize that fat is not bad for you and eating some grass fed beef will not “clog your arteries”.