Every Profession Has Its Shortcomings

This weekend a former ND named Britt Hermes attempted to dismantle some of Naturopathic Medicine's credibility on a CBC interview. Unfortunately, this woman has taken upon herself this mission of discrediting a profession that has been around for over 100 years (longer than our current system of conventional medicine), and is rooted in traditional medicine that is several hundreds of years old. The ND community understands that she has a personal vendetta that not even her former friends and classmates can make sense of. While we know she witnessed someone practicing "bad medicine" along her way, we also know that there are bad doctors in every stripe of healthcare. This is an issue of poor choices made by humans, rather than an issue of an entire profession. I am sorry there is someone in the world who is carrying around so much vitriol for anything, let alone a profession about which I am passionate about. She is doing more harm to herself than to anyone else, sadly for her.

In any case, I found this article a while back and I find it inspiring, as it highlights a few of the significant contributions Naturopathic Medicine has made to the healthcare field at large. Beyond that, all I have to do is look at my patients (and my own personal history) to know that the medicine I practice is good, effective, and even profoundly healing, medicine. It works and I am proud of it.