Coming into Womanhood: A Personalized Rite of Passage for Women aged 17-25

When: Tuesday evenings, 7-9pm
               February 24-March 17, 2015  (4 weeks)

Who:   Young women ages 17-25
Where: 1510 4th St, Berkeley, CA

Join Dr. Jeannie Achuff, ND for a class exploring what it means to be a young woman today. How do you take care of your physical self? How do you take care of your emotional self? What does 'being a woman' mean these days? Does anyone know the answer to this question? Is there an answer free from the influence of societal expectations, from the "should" and "shouldn'ts"?  An answer that rises from a woman’s self-awareness, free from all the woman-hype of today? 

Look around.  Have your female role models provided guidance?  Have your male role models been able to reflect back to you a vision of woman respected for her own interior wisdom, confidant in knowing her body and what is right for her? 

Class discussion points include:

  • What does being empowered as a women mean to you?

  • How do you view femininsm and how it has impacted you as a woman?  

  • As the world bombards you with messages of who you should be, how do you stay (or hope to stay) in contact with yourself?

  • What relationship do you have with you body.... with sexuality.... with sex?

  • Have you felt your own "sacred feminine" within?   How does that feeling express itself?

  • What about birth control options -- short term and long term implications for your health?

  • Have you felt empowered to explore pelvic health and wellness, self care,  how to advocate for your own healthcare decisions?

In addition to the class discussion time, the course includes a 1-1 private Mayan Abdominal Massage treatment with Dr. Achuff. The massage will provide you with the training you need to perform the self-care treatments at home. (see


Class capacity: 12 participants

Cost: $250 total.