Daughter's Pride

A month ago I found out that my father, mere weeks from retirement, was presenting his final Grand Rounds for the Johns Hopkins Department of Cardiology. In my father's classic understated fashion he did not alert many people to the upcoming grand finale and I, being on the west coast, was unable to attend on 36 hours notice. I was disappointed, to say the least, because my father is somewhat of a legend in my book and I wanted to witness him being celebrated in his beloved hospital. My Dad is not only a gifted teacher and historian, but he is also part of a generation of cardiologists who have exquisitely developed auscultation skills, a dying art in this age of technology. His retirement is a big deal not only for our family, but for a generation of physicians. I often wish I had spent more time on rounds with him, but also have to recognize the ways in which his career and expertise have shaped me less directly. Lest I get too far into my memoirs here, I want to take this opportunity to share an amazing gift given to Hopkins in my father's name. This is one of many generous gifts bestowed upon the hospital in appreciation for all that my Dad has done in his medical career.

Congratulations on your retirement, Dad! I hope you recognize Mr. Greenspan's gift as simply just one of the more visible signs of all the deep appreciation that is held for you around the globe.