Sunscreen Choices- More to Consider Than You Thought

While I was in medical school we had to write a research paper for our dermatology class. I chose to write one on skin cancer. I was quickly distracted by the world of sunscreens and discovered some disturbing information. This article is a brief, and to the point, outline of which sunscreens to choose and which to avoid, and why. 

For those of you who are environmentally conscious, I would also encourage you to consider the ingredients in the least toxic sunscreens, zinc and titanium. While they are the best sunblock options we have, there are environmental implications to mining those minerals as well. At the end of the day hats and light weight clothing truly are your best options. If you are frolicking on the beach, however, consider the following:

And if you want to delve in more, have at it! Here are some good places to start: