The human experience is truly mysterious and never ceases to amaze me. As individuals, we become ill and we become well each in our own unique ways, regardless of diagnosis.  It is my belief and my experience that every disease process has its own story and it is in unraveling that story that we find more answers and wisdom about who we are and what we are here to do in this lifetime.

With every one of my patients, I invite all of who you are into our work together as I help you navigate along the road to wellness. Of course, I cannot heal you- the job of healing is yours alone. I will use my expertise to assist you on the levels of your biochemistry (ie bloodwork and laboratory analysis), spiritual/ emotional health, energetic well-being, and structural and tissue health.

My goal with every treatment plan is to set you up for success. Sometimes the journey to wellness is a slow one. Sometimes people's body's require very intricately woven treatment plans and it is necessary to move more delicately. Some people are ready to ride the big waves and go for profound and rapid transformation. I am here to walk the journey with you, no matter where you are in body, mind, or spirit. I am honored to be trusted as your witness in the unwinding of old patterns and the creation of new health.

Lastly, it is also my belief that it often takes a community of support to heal. I welcome conversation between myself and your other healthcare providers (MD, DO, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Therapists, etc). I also encourage my patients to seek out one or two other supports at some point during our work together. In doing this we are more sure to raise all aspects of your life into a new, healthier way of being. Please see my Professional Networks page for links to some excellent healthcare providers in our community!